wok log librsvg-dev/receipt

age author description
2017-02-21 Pascal Bellard some *-dev depend on pkg-config
2016-11-01 Aleksej Bobylev Up librsvg (2.40.16)
2014-03-31 Christophe Lincoln ARM add librsvg
2013-12-05 Pascal Bellard Update some bdeps with pkg-config
2013-06-11 Pascal Bellard lib[o-r]*: add LICENSE
2011-12-22 Eric Joseph-Alexandre librsvg-dev: Fix BUIDL_DEPENDS
2011-12-10 Christopher Rogers Up: librsvg to 2.34.2.
2011-11-06 Alexander Medvedev Up: gcompris, goocanvas, pidgin
2011-05-20 Christopher Rogers Up: librsvg to 2.34.0.
2011-03-02 Christopher Rogers Removed all TARBALL, SRC_WANTED, and some BUILD_DEPENDS in wanted receipts. There not needed to be update.
2010-11-18 Christopher Rogers Up: librsvg to 2.32.1.
2010-10-12 Christopher Rogers Up: librsvg to 2.32.0.
2010-09-16 Christopher Rogers Up: librsvg, librsvg-apps, librsvg-dev to 2.26.3.
2009-09-22 Christophe Lincoln Fix: librsvg-dev VERSION
2009-09-22 Christophe Lincoln Fix: librsvg FSH, update and split apps
2009-06-23 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add: librsvg, librsvg-dev SVG library support