wok log icedtea6-jre/receipt

age author description
2015-12-20 Pascal Bellard Quote root dir in post_install
2015-09-14 Yuri Pourre Up: icedtea6 (1.9.9)
2014-07-31 Yuri Pourre icedtea6-jre: add symbolic link to java binary
2013-09-07 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add some GPL2 licenses
2012-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Rename linux-util-ng to util-linux in all packages
2011-03-12 Christopher Rogers Up: icedtea6-jdk to 1.9.7.
2011-03-11 Antoine Bodin Fix icedtea6; handle multi-sources using some new receipts
2011-02-20 Christopher Rogers Removed all/most _pkg= lines in wok. The new tazwok-experimental can SOURCE paths and source are are all extracted to WOK/PACKAGE/PACKAGE-VERSION now with tazwok-experimental.
2010-10-20 Christopher Rogers Up: icedtea6-jdk and icedtea6-jre to 1.9.1.
2010-08-14 Matthew Sheets icedtea6: Upgrade to 1.8.1
2009-09-21 Matthew Sheets Upgrade: icedtea6 (1.5.1 to 1.6.1)
2009-09-09 Christophe Lincoln Removed libuuid and update DEPENDS for all afected pkgs
2009-08-25 Matthew Sheets Upgrade: icedtea6 (1.5 to 1.5.1)
2009-08-04 Matthew Sheets Add: icedtea6 (1.5)