wok log mpfr/receipt

age author description
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add GPL3 licenses
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Up: mpfr (3.1.0)
2011-05-19 Christophe Lincoln gmp, mpc-library, mpfr: fix build system wirh --build and --host from CONFIGURE_ARGS
2011-05-11 Christophe Lincoln mpfr: add upstream patches
2011-05-10 Christophe Lincoln Fix mpfr BUILD_DEPENDS
2011-05-10 Christophe Lincoln mpfr bug update and fix dl
2011-05-08 Christopher Rogers Replaced all ../stuff with $stuff.
2011-01-27 Antoine Bodin imported patch toolchain/mpfr.patch
2010-12-03 Christopher Rogers Up: mpfr to 3.0.0p8.
2010-10-22 Christopher Rogers Forgot to quote p4.
2010-10-22 Christopher Rogers Up: mpfr to 3.0.0p4. Added a EXTRAVERSION since i patching it with p4 patch.
2010-10-02 Christopher Rogers Up: mpfr, mpfr-dev to 3.0.0.
2010-04-11 Christophe Lincoln Up: mpfr (2.4.2) Build dep for new gcc
2009-05-12 Christophe Lincoln Up: mpfr (2.4.1) [security update]
2009-03-14 Pascal Bellard mpfr: update build_depends
2009-03-14 Pascal Bellard mISDNuser, magnifier, mcabber, mencoder, mhwaveedit, mirage, mjpegtools, mousepad, mpd, mpfr, mpg123, mplayer, mrxvt, mtools, mtpaint, mutt: update depends
2008-10-05 Pascal Bellard Update some BUILD_DEPENDS
2008-10-04 Pascal Bellard Up mpfr (2.3.2)
2008-04-09 Christophe Lincoln Paving the road for gcc-4.3.0, add: gmp + mpfr