wok log ncursesw/receipt

age author description
2016-12-05 Aleksej Bobylev Build *.pc files for ncurses(w)-dev; rebuild sc-im with ncursesw.pc
2013-12-05 Pascal Bellard Add some licenses
2013-08-13 Pascal Bellard ncurses: needs /usr/lib/terminfo
2012-05-29 Christophe Lincoln ncursesw: fix bdeps when cross-compiling
2012-05-16 Christophe Lincoln ncurses: silently install tic
2012-05-13 Christophe Lincoln Fix typo in last commit
2012-05-13 Christophe Lincoln ncurses: avoid dbep loop: work around
2012-05-13 Christophe Lincoln ncurses*: add to arm pakages (now will try to link ncruses apps again it :-)
2011-05-21 Christopher Rogers ncursesw: Fixed post_remove.
2011-05-21 Christophe Lincoln ncurses*: build fail if native build system is used so use the compiler machine type
2011-04-05 Christopher Rogers Up: ncurses and ncursesw to 5.9.
2011-03-02 Christopher Rogers Removed all TARBALL, SRC_WANTED, and some BUILD_DEPENDS in wanted receipts. There not needed to be update.
2011-03-01 Christopher Rogers Up: ncurses to 5.8.
2011-02-27 Pascal Bellard kbd, lzma, ncursesw, netatalk-pam, pciutils, postfix, procps: restore busybox links in port_remove()
2011-02-05 Christopher Rogers Add SRC_WANTED to ncursesw.
2010-02-05 Christophe Lincoln Add ncursesw (UTF-8 support for curses libs) and modify ncurses pkg