wok log iptables/receipt

age author description
2015-02-24 Pascal Bellard Up iptables (1.4.21)
2014-01-29 Christophe Lincoln New kernel config and huge receipt clean up
2013-12-18 Richard Dunbar iptables: rm *.pc files, mv bin files to /usr/sbin
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add some GPL2 licenses
2012-10-13 Christophe Lincoln Up: iptables (
2012-08-06 Christophe Lincoln Up: iptables (1.4.15)
2012-05-24 Pascal Bellard dahdi-linux, iptables, linmodem*, ndiswrapper-driver, nvidia-173xx, v4l-dvb: fix EXTRAVERSION for 3.x kernels
2012-04-17 Pascal Bellard Up iptables (1.4.13)
2011-05-27 Christophe Lincoln iptables: fix kvers
2011-05-27 Christophe Lincoln iptables: user $kvers
2010-10-31 Christopher Rogers Up: iptables to 1.4.10.
2010-10-20 Christopher Rogers Added linux-module-headers to iptables build depends.
2010-09-17 Christopher Rogers Up: iptables to
2010-05-14 Pascal Bellard Up iptables (1.4.7)
2010-02-16 Rohit Joshi add/improve TAGS i* receipts
2009-09-15 Christophe Lincoln Up: iptables (1.4.5)
2009-06-29 Pascal Bellard Various fix: darkstat gettext glibc iptables keepassx nscd openerp-server
2009-06-28 Christophe Lincoln Up: iptables (1.4.4)
2009-02-07 Pascal Bellard Add linux-netfilter
2009-02-04 Pascal Bellard iptables should use EXTRAVERSION
2008-06-19 Christophe Lincoln iptables: now use GNU autotools
2008-06-19 Christophe Lincoln Up: iptables (
2008-04-09 Christophe Lincoln Back to binutils-2.17 (more stable)
2008-03-05 Christophe Lincoln Up: gnupg, iptable, pcmanfm and pidgin
2008-02-13 Christophe Lincoln Full up categories security + x-window
2008-02-02 Christophe Lincoln Removed cat base-apps and dispatch pkgs
2008-01-05 Christophe Lincoln Typo + BUILD_DEPENDS (bogofilter, cdparanoia-III, epdfview, openssl, ...)
2007-12-18 Christophe Lincoln Up : iptables (1.3.8)
2007-12-13 Christophe Lincoln Add : iptables, libcap, pcre, ppp, sqlite