wok log atk/receipt

age author description
2014-03-25 Christophe Lincoln ARM: add atk (trying to cross compile GTK)
2013-08-10 Pascal Bellard Add some GPL2 licenses
2013-01-25 Alexander Medvedev Up: atk (2.6.0)
2012-07-30 Pascal Bellard atk: fix tarball
2012-07-30 Christopher Rogers Up: atk to 2.4.0.
2011-10-12 Christopher Rogers Up: atk to 2.2.0.
2010-10-12 Christopher Rogers Added gobject-introspection-dev to atk build depends.
2010-10-10 Christopher Rogers Fix atk url.
2010-10-10 Christopher Rogers Up: atk to 1.32.0.
2010-09-14 Christopher Rogers Fix atk/gtk+ build loop i think.
2010-05-01 Christophe Lincoln Up: atk (1.30.0)
2010-02-16 Rohit Joshi add TAGS a* receipts
2009-05-13 Christophe Lincoln Up: atk (1.26.0)
2009-03-15 Pascal Bellard a*: update depends
2009-01-08 Christophe Lincoln Up: gtk+ (2.14.7)
2008-01-05 Christophe Lincoln Set BUILD_DEPENDS for cairo, glib, atk and gtk+
2007-12-18 Christophe Lincoln Add : GTK+ with libs (atk, glib, etc)