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ARM: Mplayer need a gmplayer sym link and so we have a gui video player for arm :-)
author Christophe Lincoln <>
date Sun Apr 20 16:57:15 2014 +0200 (11 hours ago ago)
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1 Fusecloop is FUSE mounter for compressed loop images.
2 These images can be found on Knoppix and Knoppix like CD's such as DSL.
4 About SliTaz patch :
6 1- Add transparent support for accelerated knoppix, V0, V1 and V2 (current)
7 format.
9 2- Add new V3 format
10 * The index uses 32 bits lengths instead of 64 bits offsets.
11 * The index move to the file end. The cloop creation tool holds the index in
12 memory instead of the datas. This reduce memory needs by 5000.
13 $ genisoimage -R mydvd/ | create_compressed_fs 131072 > mydvd.cloop
15 3- Any format cloop can be converted to V2 format for knoppix compatibility.
16 $ extract_compressed_fs mydvd.cloop --convert-to-v2 > mydvdinv2.cloop