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author Pascal Bellard <pascal.bellard@slitaz.org>
date Mon Nov 18 16:07:36 2019 +0100 (11 months ago)
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1 Musique does its best to stay out of the way and keep you focused on the only
2 thing that really matters: Music.
4 Musique is great for those who appreciate its efficient simplicity. Consider
5 getting it as a gift for kids and other family members that may find other
6 players too complex and cumbersome.
8 * Starts fast, very lightweight and can easily handle large collections.
9 * Browse artist photos, album covers and folders too, so you can organize your
10 music your way.
11 * Immersive Info View you can switch to when listening. It contains valuable
12 information about the current track, album and artist. When a new song
13 starts, it will auto-update.
14 * Automatically fixes misspellings and case in track titles, album titles and
15 artist names, freeing you from the hassle of manually tagging your files.
16 * Musique never ever modifies your files, it stores all of its data in its own
17 database.
18 * Supports scrobbling to Last.fm
19 * Displays song lyrics stored inside your MP3s
20 * Musique has just a single play queue. You can't go wrong, it's always there
21 on the right.
22 * Takes advantage of QuickTime on the Mac and VLC on Windows and thus supports
23 all common audio formats.
24 * Not an iTunes addon. It's a completely independent application that does one
25 thing and does it well.
26 * Translated to more than 20 languages including German, French, Spanish,
27 Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Chinese.