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author Pascal Bellard <pascal.bellard@slitaz.org>
date Mon Nov 18 16:07:36 2019 +0100 (12 months ago)
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2 We build Firefox from the official Mozila source code, we use a mozconfig
3 file to set all configure options. SliTaz firefox mozconfig is copied in the
4 mozilla source code with the command 'tazwok cook'. So if you want to make
5 some changes, edit stuff/mozconfig.
7 On SliTaz the Mozilla default icons are removed (65 Ko) and a resized (48x48)
8 mozicon is put in /usr/share/pixmaps.
10 distribution.ini is used to set bookmarks and www.slitaz.org for the default
11 home page, this file goes in /usr/lib/firefox-$VERSION/distribution/
13 - Pankso