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author Aleksej Bobylev <al.bobylev@gmail.com>
date Thu Apr 23 16:47:39 2015 +0300 (2015-04-23)
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1 Libmenu-cache is a library creating and utilizing caches to speed up the access
2 to freedesktop.org defined application menus.
4 It can be used as a replacement of libgnome-menu of gnome-menus:
5 * Shorten time for loading menu entries.
6 * Ease of use (API is very similar to that of libgnome-menu).
7 * Lightweight runtime library (parsing of the menu definition files are done
8 by menu-cache-gen when the menus are really changed).
9 * Less unnecessary and complicated file monitoring.
10 * Heavily reduced disk I/O.