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author Aleksej Bobylev <al.bobylev@gmail.com>
date Thu Apr 23 16:47:39 2015 +0300 (2015-04-23)
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1 LXPanel is a GUI application for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE).
3 It is derived from fbpanel and includes the following features:
4 * User-friendly application menu automatically generated from .desktop files
5 on the system
6 * Launcher bar (small icons clicked to launch apps)
7 * Task bar supporting ICCCM/EWMH `urgency' hint (Pidgin IM windows can flash
8 on new incoming messages)
9 * Run dialog (type a command to run, without opening a terminal)
10 * Net status icon plug-in (optional).
11 * Volume control plug-in (optional).
12 * Notification area (system tray).
13 * Digital clock.
14 * Keyboard LEDs plug-in (display caps/num locks).
15 * lxpanelctl: control lxpanel from other programs.
17 For example, "lxpanelctl run" will show the Run dialog in lxpanel, and
18 "lxpanelctl menu" will show the application menu. This is useful in combination
19 with window manager key bindings.