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author Leonardo Laporte <hackdorte@yandex.com>
date Wed Aug 02 12:34:36 2017 -0300 (2017-08-02)
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1 Antinat is a flexible SOCKS server and client library for writing proxy-based
2 applications. It supports SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4a, SOCKS 5, authentication, CHAP,
3 XML firewalling, Win32, server chaining, and UDP. It also contains very
4 experimental IPv6 support.
6 SOCKS can be used to overcome some limitations of NAT, including facilites
7 for allowing connectbacks and server-side DNS. Antinat aims to be fully
8 standards compliant, feature rich, and have a solid API for writing
9 standards-compliant client applications.
11 Connections are filtered by applying XML rules, which allow for very
12 fine-grained control. You can filter out on the basis of addresses, ports,
13 users, socks version, the operation requested, how the user was
14 authenticated, and where user credentials came from.
16 Note: Antinat is not malware! Antinat, like any SOCKS server, enables you to
17 traverse network boundaries once you have access to a machine. Whether this
18 is malicious or not depends on who installed and configured the software. If
19 you're on this website looking to install and configure this software, that
20 means it's no more malicious than you.
22 Standard free software disclaimer: find a bug? Let us know. Want a feature?
23 Let us know. Patches are preferred to feedback, feedback is preferred to
24 nothing. We can't read your mind. We can't. Honest.