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date Fri May 01 11:25:13 2020 +0100 (7 months ago)
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1 The SliTaz Cookutils provide tools and utils to build SliTaz packages.
4 Cook
5 ----
7 The cook tool should be used in a chroot environment: simply use the command
8 `tazdev gen-chroot` to build one. You can also build packages directly but
9 build deps will not be handled correctly since cook will install missing
10 packages to perform a build and then remove them only if they were not
11 installed before, this way we can keep a clean build environment.
13 We use standard SliTaz paths to work such as /home/slitaz/wok, if you work on
14 cooking from stable or want to keep a clean system: create a chroot.
17 Cooker
18 ------
20 The Cooker is a Build Bot which automates the build process but doesn't make
21 the dinner for you! We need quality receipts to cook successfully and the goal
22 is not to have a bloated script so please Keep It Short and Simple.
24 The web interface consists of one CGI script and one CSS style. Cook logs can
25 be produced by cook and the cooker just acts as a fronted to check them in
26 a nice way. A web interface also highlights success and error and can show
27 receipts and the cooker logs such as the last ordered list or commits check.
30 Cookiso
31 -------
33 Cookiso is the official tool to automate the ISO build. The goal is to provide
34 a simple to use, rock solid tool with a web interface à la Cooker. It shares
35 configuration and templates with the Cooker but can be run on its own so it
36 can be used by contributors or customers to automate custom ISO building.
37 Cookiso must be run in a chroot which can be the same chroot as the Cooker.
40 Cross compiling
41 ---------------
43 Cookutils lets you cross compile a package for a specific architecture. Say you
44 want to build ARM binaries from a standard i486 machine. Cookutils provides
45 helpers for the ARM platform, but the first thing to do is compile a cross
46 toolchain and modify the main cook.conf variables to use the correct ARCH,