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author Lucas Levrel <llevrel@yahoo.fr>
date Thu Jan 10 21:49:04 2019 +0100 (15 months ago)
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pascal@14377 1 A service that allows applications to request some extended actions for a list
pascal@14377 2 of files depending on their mimetypes and some other constraints. Any user can
pascal@14377 3 extend their applications by adding custom actions.
pascal@14377 4
pascal@14377 5 Similar to thunar-actions but distributed via dbus, any application can take
pascal@14377 6 advantage of this service. extended-actions use traditional desktop files and
pascal@14377 7 extend its format to configure special action(s) on files. Unity already
pascal@14377 8 extended the desktop file application format with its quicklist.
pascal@14377 9
pascal@14377 10 Maybe one day this same application format will be extended at the glib level
pascal@14377 11 within GAppInfo or in a new class or maybe a super daemon would arise providing
pascal@14377 12 all the informations about applications and their new uses case. And this
pascal@14377 13 service would be obsolete.
pascal@14377 14
pascal@14377 15 This project is the continuation of the work i already started in contractor.
pascal@14377 16
pascal@14377 17 extended-actions already provide a list of actions in
pascal@14377 18 /usr/share/extended-actions.
pascal@14377 19 Any user can define some custom actions in ~/.local/share/extended-actions
pascal@14377 20
pascal@14377 21 And if u have some good actions files don't hesitate to contact me i may include
pascal@14377 22 them by default.