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author Pascal Bellard <pascal.bellard@slitaz.org>
date Tue Mar 13 23:27:32 2018 +0100 (2018-03-13)
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hackdorte@20011 1 Blueman is a GTK+ Bluetooth Manager
hackdorte@20011 2
hackdorte@20011 3 Blueman is designed to provide a simple yet effective means for controlling
hackdorte@20011 4 BlueZ API and simplifying bluetooth tasks such as:
hackdorte@20011 5
hackdorte@20011 6 Connecting to 3G/EDGE/GPRS via dial-up
hackdorte@20011 7 Connecting to / Creating bluetooth networks
hackdorte@20011 8 Connecting to input devices
hackdorte@20011 9 Connecting to audio devices
hackdorte@20011 10 Sending / Receiving files via OBEX
hackdorte@20011 11 Pairing
hackdorte@20011 12
hackdorte@20011 13 It is lightweight, easy to use, Python based, and GPL licensed.