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updated hostapd (2.6 -> 2.7)
author Hans-G?nter Theisgen
date Fri Jan 11 16:39:21 2019 +0100 (14 months ago)
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llevrel@18832 1 This is mmv, a program to move/copy/append/link multiple files according to a
llevrel@18832 2 set of wildcard patterns. All csh wildcards ('*', '?', '['...']', and '~') are
llevrel@18832 3 supported. This multiple action is performed safely, i.e. without any
llevrel@18832 4 unexpected deletion of files due to collisions of target names with existing
llevrel@18832 5 filenames or with other target names. Furthermore, before doing anything, mmv
llevrel@18832 6 attempts to detect any errors that would result from the entire set of actions
llevrel@18832 7 specified and gives the user the choice of either aborting before beginning, or
llevrel@18832 8 proceeding by avoiding the offending parts.