tazweb log

age author description
2012-03-21 Claudinei Pereira move tazweb.pt.html to tazweb.pt_BR.html
2012-03-20 Aleksej Bobylev WebHome now localizable and translated to ru, doc also translated to ru, Makefile changed, tiny edit in docs on other langs
2012-03-09 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 1.5 for changeset 3d18e79e330d
2012-03-09 Christophe Lincoln Add Pascal to AUTHORS1.5
2012-03-09 Christophe Lincoln Update date --> 2012
2012-03-09 Christophe Lincoln tazweb: Use our custom partnair string :-)
2012-03-09 Pascal Bellard tazweb: s/google/duckduckgo/
2012-02-19 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 1.4.1 for changeset a23376fd4f29
2011-09-24 Pascal Bellard Add options --notoolbar & --useragent1.4.1
2011-09-03 Pascal Bellard Add tazweb.es.html (thank rerivero)
2011-06-05 Claudinei Pereira Update portuguese doc
2011-05-29 Christophe Lincoln merge
2011-05-28 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 1.4 for changeset b8c741e8bc63
2011-05-28 Christopher Rogers Added tag 1.4 for changeset b8c741e8bc63
2011-04-30 Christophe Lincoln Add godane and paul to AUTHORS1.4
2011-04-29 Christopher Rogers Make sure HOME/Downloads folder exist before going into it.
2011-04-29 Paul Issott edit en.html
2011-04-28 Christophe Lincoln Huge improvment to English documentation
2011-04-28 Christophe Lincoln Add bookmarks function with menu item 'Add a bookmark'
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Rearange contextual menu
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Add printing support
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Disable fullscrenn since it dont work with multi window (allways de first mainwindow who get fullscreen)
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Make the search entry icon clickable
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Add an icon into the search entry
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln #define SEARCH and small fix
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Do NOT place spaces between control statements and their parentheses (follow webkit coding style)
2011-04-27 Christophe Lincoln Place spaces between control statements and their parentheses (follow webkit coding style)
2011-04-25 Christophe Lincoln Fix entry and other button when multi window are open (ex: dont search in new webview if we in first webview)
2011-04-25 Christophe Lincoln Fix navigation menu to use the correct window when more than one is open
2011-04-25 Christophe Lincoln Make new webview definitly work! We can now open new window from menu. By the way, removed loader (buggy with new webviw) and bloated... remove colors (use gtk theme)
2011-04-24 Christophe Lincoln Fix window title when new webview is requested
2011-04-24 Christophe Lincoln Make 'Open in new window' open a new webview window, but still a bit buggy :-(
2011-04-24 Christophe Lincoln Small update to english doc
2011-04-24 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 1.3 for changeset dd5c73a60acc
2011-04-24 Christophe Lincoln Lets have a custom user agent string!1.3
2011-04-24 Christophe Lincoln No space before function(argument)
2011-04-24 Christophe Lincoln More consitency in code, dont use underscore in variables
2011-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Small code clean-up and add .hgignore (ignore tazweb binary if in repo)
2011-04-23 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Update README
2011-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Move home button next to uri entry and have a custom size for the search entry
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Restore back and forward button (now we have put some item to context menu) and make all thet look nice
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Connect create-web-view (right click and open in new window)but still dont do the job
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Use xterm/wget for download and small fix
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Uniformize gchar* and small fix
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln #define START for start page and make possible to request an uri without http:// (auto addes to string)
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Clean-up main() and rename draw_loader since it's standard functions not a callback
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Remove loading progress from window title and use gtk_drawing_area_new to have a small progress bar
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Clean-up COPYING (keep a BSD License since WebKit use or go gpl ?
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Use #define to handle config dir
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Let have zoom functions! (menu item, search, download, zoom = binary at 20Kb :-)
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Move TazWeb documentation button to a popup menu item
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Move main window stuff to create_window and use shorter but clear name for some functions
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Add populate_menu_cb and connection to have custom contextual menu items
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Remove tazweb binary (...)
2011-04-22 Christophe Lincoln Prepa and code a view source mode but leave it commented for now
2011-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Add a separator between uri and search entry
2011-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Up Makefile for home.html
2011-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Add a search entry in toolbar and use home.html for personnal page (keep just one button and start page to slitaz webhome)
2011-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Code clean-up (use tab to ident)