TazWeb Browser

TazWeb is a modern, radically simple and very light web browser providing all needed functions for daily browsing on the internet. TazWeb is aware of users privacy, it handles cookies but will NOT store any passwords or other user info.

TazWeb provides a single window with a small toolbar and a contextual menu, but without any menubar or tabs. Navigation is done with a right click anywhere in the browser window or from the toolbar. TazWeb lets you quickly search the web through a search entry redirecting to a DuckDuck Go secure search engine. This documentation file is always accessible from the right-click menu.

The browser's fast, very fast and small, the binary is about 30 Kb and uses the WebkitGTK engine for page rendering and therefore supports all the latest web standards as well as Javascript and Flash animations or videos.

Major features


The SliTaz Web Browser was created for the needs of TazPanel which is the SliTaz administration and packages manager panel and made with the latest technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS 3 for the graphical user interface. The content is powered by CGI scripts and the preferred web server is Busybox httpd.

Security and private browsing

TazWeb is a very secure browser and doesn't store any personal data, therefore no sessions, passwords or history files are created, but it will handle cookies by default. So your websites cookies will save your peer site settings but logins and passwords will not be saved and you will have to re-enter login information each time you restart the browser (by the way websites can track you with cookies!).

TazWeb provide a private browsing mode which will disable cookies, on-disk sessions and global histories. You can use the command line option to start TazWeb in private mode:

$ tazweb --private

Kiosk mode

TazWeb provides a Kiosk mode useful for computers in public areas. The Kiosk mode will start TazWeb in fullscreen. It will not allow users to bookmark a page, download anything or open a URL in a new window.

$ tazweb --kiosk

Raw and minimal mode

TazWeb has a very modular interface and everything can be disabled to provide a raw webkit window with no toolbar or menu. It also provides a command line option to have a small (640x480) window suitable for tiny web applications. The option --notoolbar and --nomenu can be used to hide the toolbar and menu; the --raw option will disable both:

$ tazweb --raw

Home Page and bookmarks

TazWeb handles a home page located in your system wide standard configuration directory, the path is: /usr/share/webhome.

The bookmark.txt file is a simple text document with, by default, a list of links. You can edit this file with you favorite editor and add bookmark entries or use the Tazweb right click menu. At first start TazWeb will create and copy your personal bookmarks file to your config directory.

Bookmarks can be handled by TazWeb and you can easily add a bookmark to your home page with the right click menu item: “Add a bookmark”. Tazweb also lets you manage your bookmarks via a nifty CGI web interface.

Note: You can find the default bookmarks.txt in: /usr/share/tazweb or you can get an original copy with the following command in a terminal:

$ cp -f /usr/share/tazweb/bookmarks.txt $HOME/.config/tazweb

Start page and URL in argument

The default start page has been defined in the source code and can't be changed and is the default SliTaz WebHome but TazWeb accepts a URL as a first argument, you can for example execute:

$ tazweb

In this way you can for example create your own and custom home page in a pretty HTML document and start tazweb with a standard desktop file or from the command line: tazweb file://$HOME/.config/tazweb/home.html.

If you want a custom start page for your Live system or all system users, you can create your own slitaz-configs package or edit the HTML file located in /usr/share/webhome/index.html. If you modify it, make sure to block slitaz-configs or make a backup because it will be overwritten with a slitaz-configs package update.

When you start TazWeb from the cmdline with a URL in the argument you don’t have to put http:// since TazWeb will transform URLs for you.

URL and search entry

The URL entry in the toolbar lets you enter a website address and shows the current website location. You can use selection, copy and paste in the URL entry and don't have to put http:// before a location, Tazweb will transform URLs for you. To activate a new URL you must press ENTER.

The search entry lets you search the web at any time using DuckDuck go. Just enter your query and press ENTER or click on the entry icon to validate your request.

Web applications

TazWeb browser is perfect to launch web applications via a simple desktop file. Once created with a simple text editor, the desktop file can stand on the desktop with a nice icon or in the standard SliTaz menu. Example of a web application launcher that you could name scn.desktop:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=SliTaz SCN
Exec=tazweb --notoolbar

Bugs and development

TazWeb is an open-source project under a BSD license and all resources are provided by SliTaz GNU/Linux, we use a Mercurial repository for code management, discussion and support is done through the SliTaz community forum. If you're missing any features in TazWeb or find any bugs, please post an issue on our bug tracker at

If you want to help and get involved in development, you can start by cloning the TazWeb repository and then submit your patch, improved documentation or artwork to the SliTaz mailing list or on the SCN. To clone or browse the TazWeb Hg repository:

$ hg clone