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author Christophe Lincoln <pankso@slitaz.org>
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pankso@0 1 TazWeb - SliTaz Web Browser
pankso@0 2 ================================================================================
pankso@0 3
pankso@0 4
pankso@0 5 TazWeb is radically simple and very light web browser provinding a single
pankso@15 6 window with one small bottom toolbar, but no menubar or tabs. Please keep
pankso@15 7 the code simple and clean, if you are motivated and want to add some entry
pankso@15 8 in the context menu, please talk to the AUTHOR before commiting anything
pankso@15 9 in the repo.
pankso@0 10
pankso@0 11 This application have been crated for Tazpanel and future SliTaz integrated
pankso@0 12 Web applications. The goal is by far to have a full featured web browser. But
pankso@15 13 if you have a way to provinde a simple plugins mechanism, it would be great.
pankso@0 14
pankso@15 15 The idea with TazWeb is to have a minimal interface, the aproache is to
pankso@15 16 build all the GUI with xHTML and CSS like in TazPanel.
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pankso@0 18 For general and end-user documentation have a look at doc/tazweb.html.
pankso@0 19 TazWeb is published, like webkit source under a free BSD license
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pankso@0 21 BUG: When right on on link the "Open Link in New Window dont work
pankso@0 22
pankso@0 23
pankso@0 24 Build and install
pankso@0 25 -----------------
pankso@0 26 TazWeb depends on GTK and libwebkit. To build and test, simply:
pankso@0 27
pankso@0 28 $ make
pankso@0 29 $ ./tazweb
pankso@0 30
pankso@0 31 For the version with a toolbar:
pankso@0 32
pankso@0 33 $ make toolbar
pankso@0 34 $ ./tazweb-toolbar
pankso@0 35
pankso@0 36 Install with 'make install' (PREFIX and DESTDIR are supported for packaging)
pankso@0 37
pankso@0 38
pankso@15 39 URL in the toolbar
pankso@15 40 ------------------
pankso@15 41 Like said above Tazdev must keep a simple interface and only one small toolbar
pankso@15 42 with a few buttons. In the first stage of the project I hesitate to put an URL
pankso@15 43 entry in the bar, but finally came to the conclusion that it is not usefull and
pankso@15 44 not the goal of tazweb. But here is the code for posterity:
pankso@15 45
pankso@15 46 static void
pankso@15 47 activate_uri_entry_cb (GtkWidget* entry, gpointer data)
pankso@15 48 {
pankso@15 49 const gchar* uri = gtk_entry_get_text (GTK_ENTRY (entry));
pankso@15 50 g_assert (uri);
pankso@15 51 webkit_web_view_load_uri (web_view, uri);
pankso@15 52 }
pankso@15 53
pankso@15 54 /* The URL entry */
pankso@15 55 item = gtk_tool_item_new ();
pankso@15 56 gtk_tool_item_set_expand (item, TRUE);
pankso@15 57 uri_entry = gtk_entry_new ();
pankso@15 58 gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (item), uri_entry);
pankso@15 59 g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (uri_entry), "activate",
pankso@15 60 G_CALLBACK (activate_uri_entry_cb), NULL);
pankso@15 61 gtk_toolbar_insert (GTK_TOOLBAR (toolbar), item, -1);
pankso@15 62
pankso@15 63
pankso@0 64 ================================================================================