tazusb log

age author description
2013-04-23 Richard Dunbar tazusb: fix cp error, tiny edit
2013-04-23 Richard Dunbar tazusb: restore home=UUID to kernel line
2013-01-27 Claudinei Pereira Update pt_BR.po
2013-01-05 Erjo Added tag 4.2.1 for changeset 1891497b954b
2013-01-05 Erjo tazusb: update VERSION4.2.1
2012-12-09 Aleksej Bobylev add el (Greek) to LINGUAS
2012-12-09 Aleksej Bobylev add Greek translation (thanks Kostas Mousafiris)
2012-09-16 Paul Issott tazusb.nsi: tiny edits
2012-09-02 Claudinei Pereira move back 'pt_BR' doc name to 'pt' so tazlocale can handle it properly
2012-05-13 Paul Issott Tiny update for extlinux
2012-05-01 Christophe Lincoln small fix to fr.po
2012-05-01 Christophe Lincoln Make pot and msgmerge
2012-05-01 Christophe Lincoln tazusb-box: some fixes, update for libtaz.sh and improvment
2012-04-18 Pascal Bellard tazusb: c32box compatible
2012-04-16 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.2 for changeset df0cb8101724
2012-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Small up to fr.po4.2
2012-04-15 Christophe Lincoln Make pot and msgmerge
2012-04-15 Christophe Lincoln tazusb-box: output comma
2012-04-15 Christophe Lincoln tazusb: use /lib/libtaz.sh
2012-04-09 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.1 for changeset 546e92675872
2012-03-23 Claudinei Pereira add complete doctype declaration on pt_BR doc4.1
2012-03-15 Claudinei Pereira Add: pt_BR.po for tazusb and tazusb-box & move tazusb.pt.html to tazusb.pt_BR.html & add Name[pt_BR] to desktop file
2012-03-07 Christophe Lincoln Update and fix fr.po
2012-03-07 Christophe Lincoln Fix echo in tazusb and fix fr.po file
2012-03-07 Christophe Lincoln Update POT and msgmerge
2012-03-07 Christophe Lincoln tazusb: use libtaz
2012-03-03 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.0.1 for changeset d7551978424e
2012-03-03 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for release (Up VERSION and date)4.0.1
2012-03-03 Christophe Lincoln tazusb: Fix path to extlinux.conf
2012-03-02 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.0 for changeset cd26b05bd8ee
2012-03-02 Christophe Lincoln Update POT and add French translation for tazusb-box4.0
2012-03-02 Christophe Lincoln Update desktop file
2012-03-02 Christophe Lincoln Add new tazusb-box using Yad
2012-03-02 Christophe Lincoln Move tazusbbox to oldstuff
2012-03-02 Christophe Lincoln tazusb: fix typo
2012-02-27 Christophe Lincoln We dont have any isolinux.msg anymore
2012-02-23 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 3.0.4 for changeset fb9ada45adea
2012-02-22 Christophe Lincoln Fix desktop file for tazusbbox3.0.4
2012-02-20 Pascal Bellard tazusb: keep multi-in-one flavor
2012-02-20 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 3.0.3 for changeset bfb5bc01902b
2012-02-20 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add 4in1 support and skip *.msg or *.lss file3.0.3
2012-02-20 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 3.0.2 for changeset 3d64a13374e6
2012-02-19 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 3.0.1 for changeset 8375a80980033.0.2
2012-02-14 Eric Joseph-Alexandre move NSI file to win323.0.1
2012-02-09 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Bump
2012-02-09 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Move tazusb.nsi to win32 directory.
2012-02-08 Eric Joseph-Alexandre add win32 directory
2011-09-01 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix: fr.po, tazusb.pot, tazusb for French translation.
2011-08-31 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix POT file and start French translation.
2011-08-31 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix LINGUAS for pt_BR
2011-08-31 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix: POT and fr.po. Change Makefile for tazusb
2011-08-31 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add i18n support to tazusb
2011-06-19 Pascal Bellard tazusb: update DVD autoinstall
2011-06-07 Claudinei Pereira Move pt.po to pt_BR.po
2011-06-07 Christophe Lincoln Makefile: fix tazusb* permissions
2011-06-07 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 3.0 for changeset a355976089e8
2011-06-07 Christophe Lincoln Up AUTHORS and prepa for release3.0
2011-06-07 Christophe Lincoln Update POT and PO files
2011-06-07 Christophe Lincoln Makefile: put pkg name and version in POT file
2011-06-07 Pascal Bellard tazusb: typo