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5 months ago Richard Dunbar Move rootfs.gz to /home/boot with bzImage64default tip
12 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Add Italian; make pot; make msgmerge; make clean
20 months ago Pascal Bellard Update path to kbd (backward compatible)
20 months ago Richard Dunbar Update path to kbd
2017-02-04 Paul Issott Add de.po files (thanks HGT)
2017-01-29 Paul Issott Add (thanks HGT)
2017-01-19 Aleksej Bobylev Update Vietnamese translations (thanks Anh Binh)
2017-01-10 Aleksej Bobylev Add Japanese translations (thanks Keiichi Shiga)
2016-11-20 Aleksej Bobylev Update translations.
2016-10-05 Paul Issott Tiny edits

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4.2.7 a68841719cc4
4.2.6 e43257bdb708
4.2.5 0ffa8faa4b1a
4.2.4 b158b5aefa5d
4.2.3 48ea0363f418
4.2.2 6aab26ebdfc5
4.2.1 1891497b954b
4.2 df0cb8101724
4.1 546e92675872
4.0.1 d7551978424e


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