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1 README for TazPkg - Tiny autonomous packages manager
2 ===============================================================================
5 TazPkg is a small but powerful packages manager for SliTaz GNU/Linux and
6 other UNIX-like operating systems. It uses a *.tazpkg package generally built
7 by Cookutils with a receipt found in the wok. More information can be found in
8 the SliTaz Cookbook and the manual.
10 TazPkg is entirely built from scratch using SHell script; compatible with
11 Bash, it runs under Ash - part of the Busybox project. TazPkg is distributed
12 under the free GNU license GPL V3.
14 Development HG repo: http://hg.slitaz.org/tazpkg
17 Installation
18 ------------
20 To install all needed files and compile translated messages, make and gettext
21 must be installed. Running 'make install' will install everything in /usr, but
22 another path and/or destination can be specified via prefix and DESTDIR.
24 Example:
26 $ make DESTDIR=$PWD/_pkg install
29 Uninstall
30 ---------
32 Simply type:
34 $ make uninstall
37 Translation
38 -----------
40 To start a new translation please use msginit from the pot file directory.
41 Example for French/France locale (fr_FR):
43 $ msginit -l fr_FR -o fr.po -i tazpkg.pot
45 To update all translations from the pot file:
47 $ make msgmerge
49 To compile po files for testing purposes you can use 'make msgfmt' or manually
50 compile your translation. Example for french locale, note that the file must be
51 copied into /usr/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES so gettext can find it:
53 $ msgfmt -o tazpkg.mo fr.po
56 ===============================================================================
57 http://www.slitaz.org/