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Store sidebar settings in the session cookies (browser sets, changes, and sends them automatically); use "<button>" tag instead of "<a>" and "<input type='button'>" to show buttons (it allows to translate button captions, and provides uniform look of buttons); "list" and "tag" commands shows short description about what is really listed; "tag" respects repo; "blocked" shows blocked packages; small style change; encode COPYING in UTF-8.
author Aleksej Bobylev <al.bobylev@gmail.com>
date Fri Jan 09 17:05:12 2015 +0200 (2015-01-09)
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children 1d6e23a2782f
line source
2 export TEXTDOMAIN='tazpkg'
4 cat <<EOT
5 <li><a href="/pkgs.cgi">$(gettext 'Packages')</a>
6 <ul>
7 <li><a href="/pkgs.cgi?list&amp;my=my&amp;cat=all&amp;repo=Any"><img
8 src="/styles/default/images/tazpkg.png" />$(gettext 'My packages')</a></li>
9 <li><a href="/pkgs.cgi?recharge"><img
10 src="/styles/default/images/update.png" />$(gettext 'Recharge list')</a></li>
11 <li><a href="/pkgs.cgi?up"><img
12 src="/styles/default/images/update.png" />$(gettext 'Check updates')</a></li>
13 <li><a href="/pkgs.cgi?admin"><img
14 src="/styles/default/images/edit.png" />$(gettext 'Administration')</a></li>
15 </ul>
16 </li>
17 EOT
19 export TEXTDOMAIN=$TEXTDOMAIN_original