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1 SliTaz Web Control Panel
2 ================================================================================
5 Tazpanel is the SliTaz Control Panel, a web interface who let you manage the
6 full system in a redically simple way. The output xHTML code is valid xHTML 5
7 and all theming is done with standard CSS.
10 Web server
11 ----------
12 Tazpanel can run with Busybox httpd applet or LightTPD an propably Apache.
13 Start the webserver with custom config to listen only on local port for
14 security reason since we run as root to perform system actions, example:
16 # httpd -p 8080 u root -c /etc/slitaz/tazpanel-httpd.conf
18 Quick notes
19 -----------
21 Panel password is defined in httpd.conf
22 When cat is used: `gettext "Text to translate"`