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1 <div id="help">
3 <h2>English Help</h2>
5 <p>
6 TazPanel is the SliTaz administration and settings center from where
7 you can control your entire system such as managing packages, adding
8 or removing users, creating Live systems and much more. Navigation
9 is done with the toolbar at the top of the application window and
10 in some cases with a submenu or a side bar as in the packages interface.
11 </p>
13 <p>
14 In most cases you will get a description and useful information with
15 the section concerned. TazPanel uses the latest XHTML 5 and CSS 3 technology
16 to provide a clean and easy to use frontend for all the administration tasks
17 that you can do on SliTaz. TazPanel has also been coded from the beginning
18 with speed and quality in mind and it also supports full
19 internationalization.
20 </p>
22 <p>
23 TazPanel is run as a web server on port 82 by default and can be used only
24 from the local system. If you wish to control your system from a remote host
25 you can change the server configuration file to allow connections from a
26 local network or the entire world wide web, but in this last case make sure
27 that you set a strong password for the panel. The server configuration file is
28 /etc/slitaz/httpd.conf.
29 </p>
31 <h3>Terminal</h3>
32 <p>
33 TazPanel provides a small terminal emulator which lets you execute commands as
34 root on the remote or local system. Not all available commands are usable
35 and you should use a SSH connection for most tasks. That said, having access
36 to a few commands within the web interface can be useful and wget is
37 supported to allow file uploads on a remote machine. The download directory
38 is /var/www/downloads by default. All commands can use options such as
39 -R -l etc.
40 </p>
42 <h3>Get Support</h3>
44 <p>
45 You can get support on the Slitaz <a href="http://forum.slitaz.org/">forum</a>,
46 the mailing list or the IRC channel. The official SliTaz IRC channel is on
47 Freenode (note that you can use LostIRC, Xchat or Pidgin on SliTaz). Freenode also
48 provides a nice IRC <a href="http://webchat.freenode.net/">web interface</a>.
49 </p>
51 <h3>Get involved</h3>
53 <p>
54 If you want to help and get involved in SliTaz, TazPanel maybe for you!
55 We need help in translating, styling, documenting and coding. If
56 you need more information or want to publish a new graphical style,
57 you can go to the SliTaz <a href="http://scn.slitaz.org/">Community</a>
58 and post on the Devel forum or post an update with a PM to a SliTaz
59 contributor so that we can get in touch and include your work in TazPanel
60 or in an extra styles package.
61 </p>
63 <h3>Bugs and features</h3>
65 <p>
66 TazPanel is still a young application which will be improved and polished in
67 time. If you find a bug, please post on the SliTaz tracker:
68 <a href="http://bugs.slitaz.org/">bugs.slitaz.org</a>. Tazpanel has a
69 debug mode that can be enabled in the configuration file tazpanel.conf
70 and also provides a <a href="/index.cgi?debug">debug page</a>.
71 </p>
73 </div>