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1 <h2>SliTaz Web Control Panel</h2>
3 <p>Tazpanel is the SliTaz Control Panel, a web interface which lets you manage the
4 full system in a radically simple way. The output xHTML code is valid xHTML 5
5 and all theming is done with standard CSS 3. TazPanel is published under a
6 BSD License.</p>
9 <h3>Use it!</h3>
11 <p>You can clone the tazpanel repo into /var/www/tazpanel and work on this
12 copy or clone it somewhere else and 'make install'. After, add tazpanel to
13 your /etc/hosts, type './tazpanel start' to start the server and go to the
14 URL: http://tazpanel:82. Panel user and password are defined in the
15 httpd.conf and default is root:root</p>
18 <h3>i18n</h3>
20 <p>TazPanel has been coded from the beginning with gettext support. Please
21 forget 'echo' and use gettext, but remember that gettext "" is equivalent
22 to echo -n. All scripts use the same TEXTDOMAIN and the same pot files, and
23 all translations go in the po/ folder. To start a new translation please
24 use msginit from the pot file directory. Example for French/France
25 locale (fr_FR):</p>
27 <pre>$ msginit -l fr_FR -o fr.po -i tazpanel.pot</pre>
29 <p>To update all translations from a newly updated pot file:</p>
31 <pre>$ make msgmerge</pre>
34 <h3>User interface</h3>
36 <p>If you develop an official SliTaz GUI for TazPanel, please follow the default
37 style. If you need more CSS markup and you are not a coder, please ask an
38 official developer for the best way to implement your idea. TazPanel is fully
39 themable and more than one theme can be installed, this will allow us to make
40 packages in a TazPanel style! All the GUI is done with xHTML 5 and CSS 3; some
41 javascript can be used, but with precautions... one more time, it's better
42 to check with a main contributor before adding too much stuff; the goal is,
43 as for all the SliTaz projects: KISS</p>
46 <h3>CGI template and files</h3>
48 <p>To start or test a new function with TazPanel you will find a file in
49 utils/template.cgi that needs to be in the $PANEL root to work, all TazPanel
50 CGI scripts are in that location. If you think your code is too big to fit
51 in another script you can eventually create a new CGI page and update all
52 links, but please to talk to the AUTHORS beforehand.</p>
54 <dl>
55 <dt>index.cgi</dt>
56 <dd>Main Tazpanel CGI script</dd>
57 <dt>boot.cgi</dt>
58 <dd>All what happens before login</dd>
59 <dt>network.cgi</dt>
60 <dd>All related stuff to networking (eth, wifi, services)</dd>
61 <dt>pkgs.cgi</dt>
62 <dd>Tazpkg packages CGI interface</dd>
63 <dt>settings.cgi</dt>
64 <dd>System settings and services such as time, users accounts,
65 locales or daemons management</dd>
66 <dt>live.cgi</dt>
67 <dd>All tools related to Live systems (CD, USB, Frugal)</dd>
68 <dt>hardware.cgi</dt>
69 <dd>Devices drivers, firmware, printing</dd>
70 <dt>help.cgi</dt>
71 <dd>Cat the html doc and this README file</dd>
72 </ul>
74 <p>For common functions have a look at lib/libtazpanel, where you may find functions
75 you need already coded such as a xhtml_header to get the style header.html
76 in your CGI script. For the loading message you can use loading_msg. When
77 cat is used: `gettext "Text to translate"`</p>
80 <h3>Web server</h3>
82 <p>Tazpanel can run with the Busybox httpd applet or LightTPD and probably Apache.
83 Start the webserver with a custom config to listen only on a local port for
84 security reasons since we run as root to perform system actions, example:</p>
86 <pre># httpd -p 82 u root -c /etc/slitaz/httpd.conf</pre>
88 <p>Or use a tazpanel cmdline:</p>
90 <pre># ./tazpanel start</pre>