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1 SliTaz Web Control Panel
2 ================================================================================
5 Tazpanel is the SliTaz Control Panel, a web interface which lets you manage the
6 full system in a radically simple way. The output xHTML code is valid xHTML 5
7 and all theming is done with standard CSS 3. TazPanel is published under
8 a BSD License.
11 Use it!
12 -------
13 You can clone the tazpanel repo into /var/www/tazpanel and work on this copy or
14 clone it somewhere else and 'make install'. After, add tazpanel to your
15 /etc/hosts, type './tazpanel start' to start the server and go to the URL:
16 http://tazpanel:82. Panel user and password are defined in the httpd.conf and
17 default is root:root
20 i18n
21 ----
22 TazPanel has been coded from the beginning with gettext support. Please forget
23 'echo' and use gettext, but remember that gettext "" is equivalent to echo -n.
24 All scripts use the same TEXTDOMAIN and the same pot files, and all translations
25 go in the po/ folder. To start a new translation please use msginit from the pot
26 file directory. Example for French/France locale (fr_FR):
28 $ msginit -l fr_FR -o fr.po -i tazpanel.pot
30 To update all translations from a newly updated pot file:
32 $ make msgmerge
35 User interface
36 --------------
37 If you develop an official SliTaz GUI for TazPanel, please follow the default
38 style. If you need more CSS markup and you are not a coder, please ask an offi-
39 cial developer for the best way to implement your idea. TazPanel is fully thema-
40 ble and more than one theme can be installed, this will allow us to make packa-
41 ges in a TazPanel style! All the GUI is done with xHTML 5 and CSS 3; some java-
42 script can be used, but with precautions... one more time, it's better to check
43 with a main contributor before adding too much stuff; the goal is, as for all
44 the SliTaz projects: KISS
47 CGI template and files
48 ----------------------
49 To start or test a new function with TazPanel you will find a file in
50 utils/template.cgi that needs to be in the $PANEL root to work, all TazPanel CGI
51 scripts are in that location. If you think your code is too big to fit in ano-
52 ther script you can eventually create a new CGI page and update all links, but
53 please to talk to the AUTHORS beforehand.
55 * index.cgi Main TazPanel CGI script
56 * boot.cgi All what happens before login
57 * network.cgi All related stuff to networking (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, services)
58 * pkgs.cgi TazPkg packages CGI interface
59 * settings.cgi System settings and services such as time, users accounts,
60 locales or daemons management
61 * live.cgi All tools related to Live systems (CD, USB, Frugal)
62 * hardware.cgi Devices drivers, firmware, printing
63 * help.cgi Cat the html doc and this README file
65 For common functions have a look at lib/libtazpanel, where you may find functi-
66 ons you need already coded such as a xhtml_header to get the style header.html
67 in your CGI script. For the loading message you can use loading_msg. When cat is
68 used:
70 $(gettext "Text to translate")
73 Web server
74 ----------
75 Tazpanel can run with the Busybox httpd applet or LightTPD and probably Apache.
76 Start the webserver with a custom config to listen only on a local port for
77 security reasons since we run as root to perform system actions, example:
79 # httpd -p 82 u root -c /etc/slitaz/httpd.conf
81 Or use a tazpanel cmdline:
83 # ./tazpanel start
86 ================================================================================