tazlito log

age author description
2011-08-30 Pascal Bellard Added tag 4.2 for changeset 74a263edfff2
2011-08-30 Pascal Bellard Version 4.24.2
2011-07-08 Pascal Bellard tazlito extract-flavor: do not forget VERSION & MAINTAINER
2011-07-08 Pascal Bellard tazlito iso2flavor: fix flavor path
2011-06-20 Pascal Bellard tazlito: typo
2011-06-06 Pascal Bellard build loram: suggests busybox-static
2011-06-06 Pascal Bellard merge: check devices
2011-06-05 Pascal Bellard merge: better dup dir removal
2011-06-03 Pascal Bellard Update pizza links
2011-05-28 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.1 for changeset d5be957f660f
2011-05-15 Christophe Lincoln fix missing -n in echo4.1
2011-05-15 Christophe Lincoln Small cosmetic changes
2011-05-15 Christophe Lincoln Be less berbose when installing packages and log full tazpkg messages
2011-04-27 Pascal Bellard Add extraction tools in loram builder for slitaz-installer : no extra package to install during install
2011-03-06 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 4.0 for changeset 55ec0ab30411
2011-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for release, update date and AUTHORS4.0
2011-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Some cosmetic change to get-flavor
2011-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Use /home/slitaz/VERSION as work directory
2011-02-24 Christophe Lincoln doc: Update CSS and clean-up
2011-02-24 Christophe Lincoln Move FLAVORS_REPOSITORY to config file
2011-01-01 Pascal Bellard tazlito: isohybrid for partition 2
2010-12-28 Pascal Bellard tazlito/loram-cdrom: can be installed in a partition
2010-12-25 Pascal Bellard Added tag 3.4 for changeset 2f8b15fe3f94
2010-12-25 Pascal Bellard tazlito/loram-cdrom: fix unpacked fs path3.4
2010-12-25 Pascal Bellard Added tag 3.4 for changeset 18f3e47601dc
2010-12-25 Pascal Bellard tazlito/mkloram: mkdir /sys
2010-12-25 Pascal Bellard tazlito/mkloram: fix getarg
2010-12-23 Pascal Bellard Display flavor list in meta-flavor boot screen
2010-12-22 Pascal Bellard No meta flavors with loram_cdrom
2010-12-22 Pascal Bellard Added tag 3.3 for changeset 7cdda81b0343
2010-12-22 Pascal Bellard tazlito 3.33.3
2010-12-22 Pascal Bellard Add small loram cdrom support
2010-12-22 Pascal Bellard tazlito: typo
2010-12-19 Pascal Bellard tazlito: typo in stat -c
2010-12-19 Pascal Bellard tazlito: store flavor infos in iso
2010-12-19 Pascal Bellard tazlito/writeiso: use relative path
2010-12-18 Pascal Bellard tazlito/iso2flavor: remove tmp files
2010-12-18 Pascal Bellard tazlito: update aufs package name
2010-12-18 Pascal Bellard tazlito: add iso2flavor command
2010-12-15 Pascal Bellard tazlito: use xz compressor for mksquashfs
2010-12-14 Pascal Bellard tazlito: no md5sum for boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin
2010-11-11 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for gettextization (Makefile and box)
2010-11-07 Paul Issott en docs: tiny edits
2010-11-05 Pascal Bellard tazlito: ensure connectivity for loram-http
2010-11-05 Pascal Bellard tazlitobox: remove loram http
2010-10-20 Paul Issott tazlitobox: typos
2010-09-12 Paul Issott tazlitobox: tiny edit
2010-04-30 Pascal Bellard tazlito: use flavor name as boot label with meta flaovrs
2010-04-22 Pascal Bellard tazlito.fr.html, tazlito.en.html: add pizza link
2010-04-01 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Tiny edit ($VERSION)
2010-03-29 Pascal Bellard Add rootfs extra files in meta-flavors
2010-03-28 Pascal Bellard tazlito: be bootfloppybox compatible
2010-03-28 Claudinei Pereira Update tazlito.pt.html
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln Removed tag 3.3
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 3.3 for changeset 4c46b00207ec
2010-03-27 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 3.2 for changeset ca84d0c664e1
2010-03-26 Paul Issott tiny edits3.2
2010-03-26 Pascal Bellard tazlitobox: add loram/web
2010-03-26 Pascal Bellard Add tazlito build-loram doc.