tazlito log Makefile

age author description
2014-06-26 Aleksej Bobylev Add Chinese Simplified translations (thanks jame987165702).
2014-04-12 Aleksej Bobylev Move "es_AR" to "es" translations; tiny edits for "ru"5.2.1
2013-07-25 Aleksej Bobylev Add Polish translations (thanks Pawel Pyrczak)
2013-06-30 Pascal Bellard Move to submenu in tazpanel boot
2013-06-29 Pascal Bellard Add tazpanel files
2012-12-21 Aleksej Bobylev Add TazLiTo-Wiz Greek translation (thanks Constantine Mousafiris)
2012-07-06 Aleksej Bobylev Added es_AR locale (thanks Rene Rivero), some fixes by hands
2012-07-01 Aleksej Bobylev check i18n: make {pot,msgfmt,clean}; fix Makefile
2012-03-17 Christophe Lincoln Update Makefile4.6
2012-03-14 Claudinei Pereira Add: tazlito-wiz pt_BR.po & Move: doc/tazlito.pt.html to doc/tazlito.pt_BR.html & Edit: Makefile to add pt_BR to linguas.
2012-03-14 Christophe Lincoln Add French translation (still TODO)4.5
2012-03-14 Christophe Lincoln Move tazlitobox to oldstuff
2010-11-11 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for gettextization (Makefile and box)
2010-01-23 Christophe Lincoln Update Makefile
2008-07-19 Mike D. Smith Fix typos and clean up comments
2007-12-01 Christophe Lincoln Add a Makefile and modified tazlito config path