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Fix in users plugin (from tinycm)
author Christophe Lincoln <pankso@slitaz.org>
date Tue Feb 28 22:59:52 2017 +0100 (2017-02-28)
parents 3033df849ec3
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2 * Rethink message system, config in a file and msg in a separate one
3 * Log bug activity in $bugdir/$id/bug.log
4 * Hg integration by checking in commits if a bug was solved
5 and then close it: hg commit -m "My msg [CLOSE=4]"
6 Or full Hg integration ? Meaning the tracker itself under Hg and
7 each new bug or msg creates a commit like in TinyCM ?
8 * If TinyCM is adopted and the SliTaz authentification system is
9 approved: split auth code into /usr/lib/slitaz/libcgiauth.sh