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Fix in users plugin (from tinycm)
author Christophe Lincoln <pankso@slitaz.org>
date Tue Feb 28 22:59:52 2017 +0100 (2017-02-28)
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1 TazBug - The SliTaz Bug Tracker
2 ================================================================================
5 The SliTaz Project has setup and tried several bug trackers but they were never
6 adopted by the main developers. This is an attempt to change that by providing
7 a radically simple tool well integrated with the SliTaz packages Cooker, Cookiso,
8 Roadmap and other sites such as the wiki and forum.
10 Users data are securely stored outside of the web server document root. Passwords
11 are encrypted with MD5 and also stored outside of the document root.
13 TazBug is simple to use, 2 types of status exist: OPEN and CLOSED and 2 priority
14 levels are handled. Affected packages names can be added to the bug and all
15 bug configuration files can be edited.
18 TazBug Goals
19 ------------
21 * Simple to use with a clean and modern interface
22 * Use http://paste.slitaz.org/ for attaching files
23 * Use shared accounts with other sites to have only one login
26 Accounts
27 --------
28 To create an account on SliTaz Bugs you can use the web interface
31 Installation
32 ------------
33 TazBug should work on any SliTaz system and can be used as a Bug Tracker for
34 your project. You can grab latest sources from SliTaz Mercurial repositories or
35 a release tarball from SliTaz mirrors. You need a web server with CGI support
36 and SliTaz httphelper in /usr/lib/slitaz as well as Busybox HTTPd applet.
38 People config files: /var/lib/slitaz/people
39 Auth file with pass: /var/lib/slitaz/auth/people
42 Development
43 ------------
44 Shell scripts as usual, HTML 5, CSS 3 and a bit of Javascript. To work on bugs
45 locally you have to clone the repo, create a vhost for the web interface and
46 modify tazbug.conf to match your installation. You must also edit /etc/hosts
47 to add your vhost.
50 ================================================================================