ssfs log

age author description
2019-02-26 Pascal Bellard Remove ashism ==default tip
2017-01-10 Aleksej Bobylev Add Japanese translations (thanks Keiichi Shiga)
2016-12-01 Aleksej Bobylev Makefile: add "de" to LINGUAS
2016-12-01 Paul Issott Add de.po files (thanks HGT)
2016-09-19 Pascal Bellard ssfs.desktop add fr
2016-04-25 Aleksej Bobylev Un-fuzzy already translated messages (hi, Paul)
2016-04-24 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2016-04-20 Aleksej Bobylev Add/finish ru.po
2016-03-30 Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits
2014-07-20 Paul Issott zh_CN.po tiny edit (thanks rhsky)
2014-06-26 Aleksej Bobylev Add zh_CN translations (thanks jame987165702), tiny edits.
2014-06-07 Paul Issott Add zh_TW.po
2014-04-17 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2014-03-09 Claudinei Pereira Update .desktop file for pt lang
2013-07-17 Pascal Bellard Added tag 1.1 for changeset adf2960aff14
2013-01-26 Claudinei Pereira Add pt_BR.po files1.1
2012-12-21 Stanislas Leduc commit Greek translation made by Constantine Mousafiris for ssfs and ssfs-server
2012-12-19 Stanislas Leduc fix double line MIME-VERSION
2012-12-19 Stanislas Leduc Modify header Ssfs Client ==> Ssfs Server
2012-12-19 Stanislas Leduc completed i18n support for french language
2012-12-19 Stanislas Leduc beginning french translation for ssfs-server
2012-12-19 Stanislas Leduc completed i18n support for french language
2012-07-01 Aleksej Bobylev check i18n: make {pot,msgfmt,clean}; add ru to Makefile; add ru.po
2012-03-26 Paul Issott README typos
2011-09-02 Christopher Rogers ssfs-server: Fixed umount_vdisk and mount_vdisk functions. This is more of a fix for slitaz-tank so it doesn't grep /ssfs.xz which is used for ssfs repo module.
2011-06-19 Christophe Lincoln ssfs: clean logs on sync and use \key
2011-06-19 Paul Issott README: tiny edit
2011-06-18 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 1.0 for changeset 10d2e9fb6131
2011-06-17 Christophe Lincoln ssfs-box: small improvments1.0
2011-06-14 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Add French translation for the client side tools
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Fix a few typo
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Small update to POT file
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln ssfs-server gettext -e seems to mees up pot file
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Put POT in po/appname and create server pot file
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Add POT files for client side tools
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Prepa for i18n
2011-06-13 Paul Issott Edit README
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Kill lsyncd before restarting it
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln ssfs: small fix to stop
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln TODO: small update
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Some small improvment and typo
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln README fix typo
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln Add some doc and few small fixes
2011-06-13 Christophe Lincoln web: display correct time zone
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfs-server: add command up-vdisk
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfs-server: we dont need shadow files in chroot and add/del user from chroot /etc/group
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln No /sbin in chroot anymore with ssfs-busybox
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln Up Makefile and README + tiny changes to ssfs-server
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln Add ssfs-env (Small tool for chrooted users)
2011-06-12 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfs-sh: clear screen on user login
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfa: rename connect by login
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfs-sh: set a minimal PATH variable
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfs: add connect command
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln Makefile install also icon
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln Fic icon path
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln Add a quick made logo
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfs-box: improve user experience :-)
2011-06-12 Christophe Lincoln ssfs: small improvments