slitaz-tools annotate applications/tazbox-manage_i18n.desktop @ rev 939

tazbox: fix subox icon when ~/.local/share/applications is absent; fix working with freegeoip; write full list of icons used; all other files: 2015 and insert blank lines.
author Aleksej Bobylev <>
date Fri Apr 17 07:35:02 2015 +0300 (2015-04-17)
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al@889 1 [Desktop Entry]
al@889 2 Type=Application
al@889 3 Name=Manage locale packages
al@889 4 Name[ru]=Управление пакетами локалей
al@889 5 Exec=tazbox su "tazbox manage_i18n"
al@939 6 Icon=preferences-desktop-locale
al@889 7 Categories=GTK;Settings;DesktopSettings;