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1 SliTaz Pizza
2 ================================================================================
5 The SliTaz Pizza provides tools and utils to build Live systems online.
8 * Build ISO flavors online in a simple to use and modern interface
9 * Use stable packages or cooking if near to a stable release
10 * Build queue and one build at a time to be less resources intensive
11 * Can be run locally as a frontend to Tazlito or from the cmdline
12 * Produce standard and valid HTML code and wildly themable
13 * Provide a status page to follow build process for each flavor
14 * Create a tarball of the flavor receipt, list and addfiles
15 * Log activities, build process and provide useful statistics
16 * Keep ISO images and files public for a while, then archive them
17 * Uniq ID strings for each flavor and mail notification
18 * RSS feed for all newly built flavors and summary on web interface
21 Build process
22 -------------
23 First you have to choose the distro name, provide a short description, and
24 a valid email address so Pizza can notify you when ISOs are built or in
25 case the build failed. You must also choose a skeleton to base your
26 custom distro on. Then add some packages and follow the steps. When
27 validating the build, Pizza will create a tarball of your flavors and add
28 it to the build queue, so it can take some time before your ISO image
29 is generated.
32 Installation and Administration
33 -------------------------------
34 Pizza uses a chroot to build ISOs and a web interface to create the flavor
35 file. Pizza can be installed and setup in a few commands. The package provides
36 a pizza host utility, pizza-bot build bot for chroot and pizza.cgi which is
37 the web interface main script. So let's go through the installation:
39 # tazpkg -gi slitaz-pizza
41 Or from Hg:
43 # hg clone
44 # cd pizza && make install
46 You can display a list of commands and a short usage with the usage command.
47 Create the chroot and build environment. You may want to have a look
48 at the Pizza configuration file before processing:
50 # pizza setup
52 Now you are ready to start the build bot to build queued flavors one by one.
53 You can also chroot in the environment to build manually or test.
55 # pizza start
57 In time there may be quite a lot of ISOs and temporary files. To clean up the
58 temporary files and old flavors files:
60 # pizza purge
62 The cron task is run in the chroot and checks if any flavors have been submitted,
63 by default it checks every 20 minutes. The bot frequency can be changed by
64 editing root crontabs in the build chroot.
66 To check build queue or chroot manually you can use:
68 # pizza exec pizza-bot
69 # pizza chroot
72 Developers and translators
73 --------------------------
74 SHell script as you would expect. Keep speed in mind and security. Always
75 think to have a simple option and an advanced option, for example in rootfs
76 modification let users add custom wallpaper easily and advanced users can
77 upload a full roootfs.
79 Pizza has been coded from the beginning with gettext support. Please forget
80 'echo' and use gettext, but remember that gettext "" is equivalent to echo -n.
81 To start a new translation please use msginit from the pot file directory.
82 Example for French/France locale (fr_FR):
84 $ msginit -l fr_FR -o fr.po -i pizza.pot
87 ================================================================================