slitaz-forge log pkgs/

age author description
2017-02-12 Pascal Bellard clouds cache (again)
2017-02-12 Pascal Bellard clouds cache (again)
2017-02-10 Pascal Bellard clouds cache
2017-02-09 Pascal Bellard fix clouds (too many arguments)
2017-01-10 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: add Japanese translations (thanks Keiichi Shiga), add Japanese support
2016-06-03 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: support full form of maintainer's e-mail address (dedicated to Lucas Levrel:)
2016-06-02 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: fix screenshot size
2016-01-05 Lucas Levrel New icons, list and icon for doc packages
2015-11-30 Aleksej Bobylev mirror, pkgs: synchronize current changes
2015-10-25 Aleksej Bobylev Update to the current state of "mirror" and "pkgs"
2015-06-03 Xander Ziiryanoff pkgs/ set defaults to desc.
2014-06-26 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: Add Persian translations (thanks Ali Rashidi).
2014-05-15 Pascal Bellard typo
2014-02-27 Pascal Bellard Update mirror css
2014-02-18 Pascal Bellard pkgs: fix maintainer cloud
2014-02-18 Pascal Bellard pkgs: add stable cooker links
2014-02-18 Pascal Bellard pkgs: on demand qrcode script load
2014-02-17 Pascal Bellard pkgs: add links in receipt (again)
2014-02-17 Pascal Bellard pkgs: add links in receipt
2014-02-17 Pascal Bellard pkgs: add license, category, maintainer
2014-02-17 Pascal Bellard pkgs: add backports
2014-02-17 Pascal Bellard pkgs: add cooker links
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: small fix again
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: fix paths to wok and dont show files nb (too long to load and not realy usefull)
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: some tiny fixes
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: update CSS
2013-07-25 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: add Polish translations (thanks Pawel Pyrczak)
2012-10-17 Christopher Rogers Add bugs and arch menu options. Made sure that $MIRROR_URL from /etc/slitaz/slitaz.conf is used so mirror url can be changed.
2012-07-16 Christopher Rogers pkgs: Updated to source /etc/slitaz/slitaz.conf to use its variables for some things. Added nice_url function and fixed it up to use GETPOST function. Also syntex_highlighter function should work now.
2012-07-15 Pascal Bellard fix FileOverlap
2012-07-15 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: Add Swedish translations (thanks Emil Eklund). @Pascal Bellard: Please, update this repo; website have newer code than in this repo.
2012-06-10 Pascal Bellard pkgs/ add tag cloud
2012-04-20 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: New features included, see README. Site yet not completed, but works fine...
2012-04-16 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: huge code rewriting; tested on the SliTaz 4.0 but not on the real server; for more info see README
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: use LANG directly and so we keep $lang
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: break after lang was reset
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: fix export
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: few more debug info
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: small typo
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: try an other way to get language
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: small fix
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: introduce and $(GET var)
2012-04-11 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: gettextize; looks like it works (via ?lang=* or preferred browser lang); I need help with right locales names (ru - don't work; ru_RU - work on SliTaz; ru_RU.utf8 - work on Mint) etc.
2012-04-07 Christophe Lincoln tank: use real name in gecos filed and put files in /etc/skel
2012-04-07 Pascal Bellard use html caracter set
2012-04-06 Aleksej Bobylev pkgs: full i18n provided, russian translate added, please recheck other langs
2012-04-05 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: small clean up
2012-04-05 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: typo
2012-04-05 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: few fixes
2012-04-05 Christophe Lincoln pkgs: separate HTML header/footer and custom CSS
2012-04-05 Christophe Lincoln Add used on