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1 Packages icons
2 --------------
4 In this folder you'll find icons displayed for packages in the TazPkg-web
5 interface available in
7 Rules for icon displaying:
9 1. Default icon is 'package-x-generic'. It will displayed if no other icon
10 is found.
12 2. Icon for all *-dev packages is 'dev' (alias for 'applications-development').
14 3. Icon for CLI-applications (Command-Line Interface) is 'cli' (alias for
15 'utilities-terminal'), special list exists here 'packages-cli.icons' with one
16 package name per line.
18 4. Icon for i18n (Internationalization) packages is 'i18n' (alias for
19 'preferences-desktop-locale'), special list exists here 'packages-i18n.icons'
20 with one package name per line.
21 [note by Lucas Levrel:] See also: packages-font.icons packages-lib.icons
22 packages-perl.icons packages-py.icons packages-thm.icons (themes)
23 [edit by LL:] added: packages-doc.icons
25 5. List of icons settings/substitutions 'packages.icons' in format:
26 `<package name><tab><icon name (without '.png')>` per line. This list is
27 useful when package name and icon name not matched and we need to specify
28 icon name for package, as well as many packages used the same icon.
30 6. Icons files in the png format and symlinks to these icons.
33 How to add icons.
35 First, if icon exists in the Faenza icon theme, copy it from there.
37 Next, if you can't find icon in the Faenza, explore package source ('Cooker' ->
38 'browse' -> looking 'source', then 'install' folder in FTP-aware web-browser).
39 Icon name can match the package name or can be appended with '_32' or something
40 else, or can be named as 'logo' or something else. Please, select the best
41 matched icon to represent the package.
43 And, if you can't find icon here, use the internet search...
45 Ah, forget to mention: icon size is strictly 32x32 px in the png format! Please,
46 convert it to png from xpm or other format, as well as shrink or enlarge to
47 precise 32x32 px using mtPaint or GIMP.
49 Compress icon size using OptiPng (with extreme settings):
51 optipng -strip all -o7 -zm1-9 ./*.png
54 Final words.
56 Please, add icons ONLY for packages with GUI (Graphical User Interface)!
58 Add other packages names to the matched 'packages-*.icons' lists (for CLI, i18n,
59 etc.)
61 ================================================================================
63 Thanks,
65 Aleksej Bobylev <>
66 2015