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2014-07-14 Christophe Lincoln Clean up en/fr for 5.0 relnotes
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2013-05-04 Aleksej Bobylev Apply common stylesheet for docs; light reformatting of html code.4.4
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2012-09-03 Claudinei Pereira Link to the correct portuguese doc
2012-04-21 Richard Dunbar relnotes: add Richard Dunbar
2012-03-30 Claudinei Pereira Add: relnotes.pt_BR.html4.3
2012-03-30 Aleksej Bobylev fix lang="fr"
2012-03-30 Aleksej Bobylev ru: relnotes added, tiny edits
2012-03-30 Pascal Bellard add
2010-04-15 Paul Issott es,cn: add relnotes, links and tags
2010-04-04 Eric Joseph-Alexandre relnotes fr: Tiny edit (thanks Go Khla Yeh)
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln relnotes fr: tiny footer edit
2010-03-28 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Last edit (Thanks to duod)
2010-03-28 Pascal Bellard slitaz/ typos
2010-03-28 Pascal Bellard slitaz/ typos
2010-03-28 Paul Issott typo footers
2010-03-28 Christophe Lincoln link all relnotes languages and quick acces from en index
2010-03-28 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Edit.
2010-03-24 Eric Joseph-Alexandre relnotes-en: tiny edit.
2010-03-23 Eric Joseph-Alexandre FR translation in progress.
2010-03-23 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Tiny edit.
2010-03-23 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add French release notes (in progress).
2009-04-16 Christophe Lincoln Set release date for all relnotes2.0
2009-04-08 Pascal Bellard Typos in
2009-04-08 Christophe Lincoln Add Releases Notes for 2.0 - En, fr and pt (Thanks folks)
2008-03-22 Christophe Lincoln So... for 2 pkgs modify RelNotes (446 to 448)1.2
2008-03-22 Christophe Lincoln French Releases Notes for 1.0 (Notes de publication)