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1 SliTaz Doc
2 ===============================================================================
5 This package provides SliTaz documentation installed on the system by default.
6 With the cooking version we just provide some basic information and the
7 Handbook and with the stable version we also provide the Release Notes.
9 Desktop files are also provided to have a menu entry and an icon on the users
10 desktop.
13 Handbook
14 --------
15 The story started with a nice and static Handbook, translated by great
16 contributors from all over the world but one day the project decided
17 to put all documentation on a wiki site.
19 So in spring 2012, Claudinei asked Pankso if a new handbook would be fine.
20 The answer was more than positive and the repo was created. The goal is
21 to have official unmodified documentation in pure HTML so it can be packaged
22 with a date string as version.
24 We use these repos for collaboration and the mailing list.
27 ===============================================================================