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1 README for slitaz-configs
2 ===============================================================================
5 English
6 =======
7 SliTaz configs provide the files and images used by default on the core
8 LiveCD. A SliTaz package is generated from the wok and Cookutils. It contains
9 Openbox themes, an autostart script, a menu and RC file. /usr/share contains
10 the Slim Login Manager theme and the desktop background of the moment. All
11 artwork is done on SliTaz with mtPaint, The Gimp or Inkscape.
14 Files: ~/.xinitrc ~/.xsession
15 ----------------------------
16 These 2 files are used for a X session login and startup. In live mode: root
17 and the default user (id 1000) need them. For a new user, when SliTaz is
18 installed the files are copied from /etc/skel. Historically, these files
19 were created by tazx at boot time because we were using a tiny Xvesa server
20 which couldn't autoconfigure screen resolution and we needed to generate a
21 .xsession with something like: Xvesa -screen 1024x768x24 &
24 Syslinux/isolinux splash image
25 ------------------------------
26 The image size must be: 640 x 480 pixels
27 The image must be: 16-bit
28 Don't ask why, the image must be a png with a jpg extension
30 Use Gimp to create/modify an image then use 'convert' from the Imagemagick
31 package to correct colors and color depth:
33 $ convert -depth 16 -colors 65536 slitaz.jpg splash.jpg
36 Français
37 ========
38 Ce paquet fournit les fichiers, images et sons utilisés par défaut sur le coeur
39 du LiveCD. Le paquets SliTaz est généré depuis le wok avec Cook. Il contient
40 les thèmes, le menu, script de démarrage ( et le fichier RC utilisé
41 par le gestionnaire de fenêtres Openbox. /usr/share contient aussi le thème pour
42 le gestionnaire de connexion Slim et les fond d'écran du moment.
44 L'artwork est entièrement réalisé depuis SliTaz avec mtPaint, Gimp ou Inkscape.
47 ===============================================================================