slitaz-boot-scripts log

age author description
2014-03-26 Pascal Bellard fix posixovl args5.4.2
2014-03-14 Christophe Lincoln Fix shutdown log path and fallback to mdev if no udev
2014-03-09 Claudinei Pereira Update .desktop file for pt lang
2014-03-08 Pascal Bellard init: fix mount.posixovl args (again)
2014-03-08 Pascal Bellard init: fix mount.posixovl args
2014-03-05 Aleksej Bobylev Add Russian translation to desktop file
2014-02-17 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.4.1 for changeset 6342e4d26e04
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln Fix screen=text5.4.1
2014-02-16 Christophe Lincoln We dont need soundconf anymore at boot time
2014-02-15 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.4 for changeset b2ca17642fab
2014-02-15 Christophe Lincoln handle identity/password and use /etc/wpa5.4
2014-02-15 Christophe Lincoln Start X later in boot process
2014-01-31 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2014-01-29 Pascal Bellard init/mount=: add UUID & LABEL support
2014-01-27 Pascal Bellard init: typos
2014-01-27 Pascal Bellard init: add modprobe= support
2014-01-22 Christophe Lincoln mini clean-up
2014-01-15 Christophe Lincoln Fix route for some case (Thanks Kultex)
2013-11-26 Pascal Bellard /etc/init.d/rcS: tazpkg does not support /var/run symlink
2013-11-24 Pascal Bellard Added tag 5.3.3 for changeset 86ae53480b99
2013-11-24 Pascal Bellard Backout 03d0b5dd92135.3.3
2013-10-30 Pascal Bellard Added tag 5.3.2 for changeset 5195a3bc63bf
2013-10-30 Pascal Bellard fix uid/gid for vfat/ntfs case5.3.2
2013-05-31 Pascal Bellard fix tux user detection
2013-03-13 Pascal Bellard init/posixovl: assume vfat (worst case)
2013-02-16 Pascal Bellard base can't launch X11
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 5.3.1 for changeset 11d0305fa1c6
2013-01-17 Pascal Bellard /etc/init.d/ fix for empty $BROADCAST5.3.1
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Added tag 5.3 for changeset b53e5c0a9026
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre OVH IP Failover support5.3
2013-01-17 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Add OVH IP Failover support
2013-01-16 Pascal Bellard /etc/init.d/ mount /home *before* create tux (for tazusb)
2013-01-05 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Fix bug:
2012-12-31 Pascal Bellard /init: no loram without squashfs
2012-12-04 Pascal Bellard read /etc/sysctl.conf
2012-10-18 Pascal Bellard init: fix loopfs case (thanks xjjx)
2012-10-01 Pascal Bellard do not trust id for swap
2012-09-11 Pascal Bellard typo (thanks black dog)
2012-09-08 Pascal Bellard init: remove rodir
2012-08-27 Pascal Bellard init: fix cdromless case
2012-08-26 Pascal Bellard Added tag 5.2 for changeset 11c525ec4906
2012-08-26 Pascal Bellard init: fix suboot5.2
2012-08-26 Pascal Bellard init: add aufs support
2012-07-07 Pascal Bellard init: no more /dev/pts
2012-07-01 Pascal Bellard fix WIFI_AP
2012-06-30 Pascal Bellard add WIFI_AP
2012-06-02 Pascal Bellard /etc/init.d/rcS, /init: use /run
2012-06-02 Pascal Bellard /etc/init.d/rcS: typo
2012-06-02 Pascal Bellard /init: use tee instead of script
2012-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.1 for changeset 175982c0484c
2012-06-02 Christophe Lincoln Use tee to log boot and hide loadkey output5.1
2012-06-02 Christophe Lincoln rcS: log readwrite
2012-06-01 Christophe Lincoln Faster system clean up
2012-06-01 Christophe Lincoln rcS: /dev/cdrom is created by udev and add bin/rcSconf for rcS.conf migration
2012-06-01 Christophe Lincoln Huge clean, colored rcS, faster, fix sound and other devices (used need a devtmpfs mounted on /dev) disabled logging for now
2012-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.0 for changeset 1dbfd813e21e
2012-05-02 Christophe Lincoln Use new tazlocale and tazkeymap functions5.0
2012-04-17 Christophe Lincoln No more locale/keymap config at boot! Use syslinux menu. and fix opt wm=
2012-04-06 Pascal Bellard Added tag 4.7.2 for changeset e507111d6d32