slitaz-boot-scripts log etc/rcS.conf

age author description
22 months ago Richard Dunbar rcS.conf: update comments
2016-02-07 Alexander Medvedev Add ntpd daemon to defaults
2015-03-23 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2012-06-01 Christophe Lincoln Huge clean, colored rcS, faster, fix sound and other devices (used need a devtmpfs mounted on /dev) disabled logging for now
2011-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Improve, fixes, big changes, 2 scripts less, one new, GUI config in live tha work with latest cookutils packages, well tested on Qemu, frugal, first HD install boot
2011-04-29 Christophe Lincoln rcS.conf: we do not start dbus, hal and slim from RUN_* variable but directly in rcS main boot script
2011-04-29 Christophe Lincoln Huge change in boot... we start X as soon as possible by default, for this we have to config keymap, locale, user and home before, let do that in rcS. Also some fixes such as TZ
2011-04-06 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2011-04-06 Christophe Lincoln Move bootlog script to bin/
2011-03-15 Antoine Bodin clean-up code: removing trailing spaces
2011-02-25 Christophe Lincoln Let have a full graphical boot in option
2010-12-05 Paul Issott Tiny edits rcS.conf
2009-10-24 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2009-06-27 Rohit Joshi remove in-kernel modules from rcS.conf
2009-04-26 Christophe Lincoln Add option FAST_BOOT_X (fastbootx) to start X 4-6 sec earlier
2009-04-21 Christophe Lincoln Improve and tidy scripts, start tazhw from rcS and start earlier
2009-04-16 Christophe Lincoln i18n before hardware config like before2.8.2
2009-04-07 erjo Fix: rcS.conf. Network must start after hardware detection.2.8.1
2009-03-09 Paul Issott Tiny typos
2009-02-17 Christophe Lincoln Fix pci detection and remove black list stuff
2009-02-01 Christophe Lincoln rcS.conf: fix typo
2009-02-01 Christophe Lincoln rcS.conf: start slim after dbus/hald to handle hal events correctly
2008-07-19 Mike D. Smith Fix typos
2008-05-28 Eric Joseph-Alexandre Allow to blacklist modules
2008-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Typo in rcS.conf: hal --> hlad
2008-05-15 Christophe Lincoln Start DBUS and HAL by default at boot time
2008-02-23 Christophe Lincoln Add option: laptop (load modules: ac battery)
2007-12-03 Christophe Lincoln Add /etc/init.d/ (hardware configuration)
2007-11-30 Christophe Lincoln Add rcS.conf and /etc/init.d/README