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3 months ago Hans-G?nter Theisgen modified ps to work with busybox as well as with procpsdefault tip
6 months ago Pascal Bellard init: add mntopts
20 months ago Richard Dunbar init: fix typo
20 months ago Pascal Bellard init: mount 'SliTaz persistent /home' partition
2021-05-27 Pascal Bellard init: 64 bits support for extra=
2021-05-27 Pascal Bellard init: fix mount=/dev/cdrom
2021-05-26 Pascal Bellard init: fix loopfs
2021-02-21 Pascal Bellard undo gettext needs locale definition files
2021-02-21 Pascal Bellard gettext needs locale definition files
2020-09-15 Pascal Bellard ensure keyboard is defined (for uefi case)

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5.7.1 f3e7c1cc6aef
5.7 6c2d6362887d
5.6.7 19cbb42ff322
5.6.6 ecf17d3e06f4
5.6.5 ae0038500c6d
5.6.4 d820c9b15fc1
5.6.3 3b5dd12d6e46
5.6.2 79aea3c677ca
5.6.1 6a2336e84fa6
5.6.0 0555df1782e6


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