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Last change     : 2019-02-26 08:22 +0100
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7 months ago Pascal Bellard Remove ashism ==default tip
9 months ago Pascal Bellard Update /etc/profile (again)
9 months ago Pascal Bellard Update /etc/profile
19 months ago Aleksej Bobylev fix behavior of action when it has two or more arguments in form of `action 'Text %s' $var`
20 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Update po/it.po (thanks Christian Michelini)
20 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Add Italian; make pot; make msgmerge; make clean
22 months ago Pascal Bellard /lib/ TZ should be set
2017-09-27 Paul Issott Tiny edit
2017-09-18 Aleksej Bobylev rootfs/etc/profile: comment 64MB limit out for "data seg size".
2017-09-11 Aleksej Bobylev rootfs/etc/init.d/rc.functions: add cmdline_option()

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5.6.5 acb40517a769
5.6.4 8a1ed3d7ebc2
5.6.3 02334b7ae2f7
5.6.2 e970dc10e7e2
5.6.1 151ef5764f97
5.6 7d172a9f8000
5.5 2c88b0d80534
5.4.2 259c174621c7
5.4.1 b2311939ad7e
5.4 4b43ed13b73e


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