slitaz-base-files log

age author description
2012-05-21 Aleksej Bobylev New function unboldify(); I think, they will be handy
2012-05-21 Aleksej Bobylev add/fix i18n; make pot && make msgmerge; add ru.po
2012-05-21 Aleksej Bobylev Makefile: fix install
2012-05-21 Aleksej Bobylev, Makefile: fix design of i18n
2012-05-19 Christian Mesh Update several function's colorize
2012-05-19 Christian Mesh Update colorize to handle args easier
2012-05-17 Christophe Lincoln Colorize DEBUG and let use --decolor=NB
2012-05-17 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.2.1 for changeset 1691917d8883
2012-05-17 Christophe Lincoln add to pot file and up fr.po5.2.1
2012-05-17 Christophe Lincoln Make pot/msgmerge and up libtaz doc
2012-05-16 Christophe Lincoln Add and functions usage to testsuite
2012-05-15 Christian Mesh Add: debug function to
2012-05-15 Christophe Lincoln small fix to colorize()
2012-05-15 Christophe Lincoln Add colorize() to
2012-05-12 Paul Issott Edit docs
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh LibPkg: Fixed is_valid_tazpkg
2012-05-12 Christophe Lincoln Improve doc and log function + add log to
2012-05-12 Christophe Lincoln cooker and tyzpanle use activity (maybe be better since we use tee for full log file
2012-05-12 Christophe Lincoln add log function (used in cooer and tazpanel actually and soon by spk)
2012-05-12 Christophe Lincoln some minor change and add comments/usage
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh Add newline function to libtaz to make code easier to read
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh Removed duplicate status function I introduced
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh added generic yes/no function along with indent and statys function to libtaz
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh removed duplicate function in libpkg
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh merge
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh add functions to libpkg
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh added some stuff to libspk
2012-05-11 Christophe Lincoln Makefile: add install-libpkg
2012-05-11 Christophe Lincoln Sorry Christian I had a ready to commit ( is in /lib since it is used in boot process, other libs must go in /usr/lib to be FSH compliant)
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh create
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh merge
2012-05-11 Christian Mesh updated libtaz.hs boldify to take many args instead of just one
2012-05-11 Christophe Lincoln Add install-slitaz in Makefile
2012-05-11 Christophe Lincoln Add SLITAZ_ARCH and PKGS_DB in slitaz.conf and add /usr/bin/slitaz
2012-05-06 Christophe Lincoln Add empty /var/log/wtmp
2012-05-01 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.2 for changeset 32a9035b0181
2012-05-01 Christophe Lincoln rc.functions: use for status5.2
2012-04-30 Christophe Lincoln po/fr: small up
2012-04-30 Christophe Lincoln Make pot and msgmerge
2012-04-24 Christophe Lincoln use /dev/ttx to get term size
2012-04-24 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.1.2 for changeset 524eab3120ae
2012-04-24 Christophe Lincoln Add libtaz and httphelper man a like documentation5.1.2
2012-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Small up to README
2012-04-23 Christophe Lincoln Store all cmdline options in a variable
2012-04-17 Christophe Lincoln use /dev/stdin and improve
2012-04-16 Christophe Lincoln use default device to get columns
2012-04-14 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.1.1 for changeset 8e42240a9fd9
2012-04-14 Christophe Lincoln slitaz.conf: add tazpkg CACHE_DIR compatibilty5.1.1
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln cols are not set by stty in CGI or GTK and so better separator function
2012-04-13 Christophe Lincoln Improve HTML handler and let script overwrite $output
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Added tag 5.1 for changeset 77fb73e1a9c6
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Some backward compatibility in slitaz.conf5.1
2012-04-12 Christopher Rogers slitaz.conf: Fixed up some old variable names.
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Add new slitaz.conf (more logical name, less tazpkg specifique vars, clean comments PLEASE adapte you scripts
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Fix path in libtaz help function
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Add /lib/
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln Roolback last commit
2012-04-12 Christopher Rogers Add libtaz minus report module. I added config options for tazpkg-web in slitaz.conf. Also added a BASE_MIRROR variable so it can be changed.
2012-04-12 Pascal Bellard httphelper: fix for apache
2012-04-12 Christophe Lincoln httphelper: add sha512crypt function