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2017-10-08 Paul Issott Tiny edits
2017-10-01 Pascal Bellard Update index.html
2016-01-28 Aleksej Bobylev Include style.css into index.html; base: update receipt sizes based on current build
2016-01-26 Aleksej Bobylev Update (c) 2016 and update version date to the latest packages.list changes
2015-04-12 Pascal Bellard Update rootcd/index.html
2015-04-03 Aleksej Bobylev Tiny edits: we grow to 2015 and moved from labs.slitaz.org to bugs.slitaz.org; convert html to HTML5 UTF-8.
2012-02-22 Christophe Lincoln Rename: core-basic --> gtkonly and up receipt desc