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3 months ago Christophe Lincoln Add tazirc to 4 main flavorsdefault tip
7 months ago Xander Ziiryanoff core64: rm unused libs (gamin,gtkdialog,libXaw)
8 months ago Xander Ziiryanoff justx : /etc/xdg/openbox/menu.en.xml : add tazx
10 months ago Pascal Bellard core*: remove pciutils
14 months ago Pascal Bellard Add locale-ru
14 months ago Aleksej Bobylev core, core64: add mate-notification-daemon for Freedesktop notifications
14 months ago Pascal Bellard Fix packages.list files
15 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Main flavors: update sizes, add slitaz-release(=5.0) and locale.conf
15 months ago Xander Ziiryanoff core64: add missing packages (compared with "core": new themes,icons & openssl)
16 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Include style.css into index.html; base: update receipt sizes based on current build

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