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6 weeks ago Pascal Bellard s/ tip
5 months ago Aleksej Bobylev lighttpd/index.cgi: syntax_highlighter(): fix files colorization/links
5 months ago Aleksej Bobylev modules/postcheck: repology_get(): fix versions fetching
6 months ago Pascal Bellard modules/pack: take care of stuff update dates
7 months ago Pascal Bellard cooker.cgi: use http download
8 months ago Pascal Bellard cookiso: build core-5in1 too
12 months ago Paul Issott Tiny edits
12 months ago Aleksej Bobylev modules/pack: introduce *-lang packages: to make it just append SPLIT="..." by "$PACKAGE-lang"
12 months ago Aleksej Bobylev lighttpd/cooker.css, lighttpd/cooker.js, lighttpd/index.cgi: add syntax highlighting for *.lua files; modules/pack: add default CAT for lib<package>
12 months ago Aleksej Bobylev Small improvements and fixes:

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3.2 a9ea304f81de
3.1.8 411b4c392b46
3.1.7 7615b64a5469
3.1.6 14aa9f620432
3.1.5 b96cd6a6f37b


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