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3 days ago Aleksej Bobylev modules/compressor: more svg cleaning with extra options.default tip
9 days ago Aleksej Bobylev lighttpd/index.cgi: display markdown in doc/
10 days ago Aleksej Bobylev cooker: add command 'outgoing'; modules/deps: add option '--incl'; modules/compressor: skip empty *.a
2 weeks ago Aleksej Bobylev modules/compressor: versioned (symlinked) static libraries break the logic (hi, ntk-dev package)...
2 weeks ago Aleksej Bobylev modules/compressor: Nullify timestamps of files in ar archives (aka static libs) to make "release checksum" stable for dev-packages containing *.a.
2 weeks ago Aleksej Bobylev cook: remove package in taz/ is package not needed; modules/compressor: recompress *.zip files (for LibreOffice).
2 weeks ago Aleksej Bobylev cook: sort "md5sum" file to make "release checksum" even more stable; add set_paths() to install_package() to follow receipts change here (meet auto-updated receipts!)
3 weeks ago Aleksej Bobylev cook: do not replace package in $PKGS if release checksum has not changed -> mirror package will not change if nothing was changed after rebuilding.
3 weeks ago Aleksej Bobylev Minor bug fixes due to the change in the behavior of the dot command in Busybox-1.27.
4 weeks ago Pascal Bellard cook: dot command may not search current directory first

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